IT Furniture

We have two durable and practical (IT) desk options, Saturn and Mercury.

Saturn IT Desk
The Saturn range is a cost effective high quality IT desk range with two styles of desk, laptop or PC.
Both desks have a metal chassis for the IT equipment to fit into offering total security, easy accessibility and user comfort.
All desks in the Saturn range have the option of a secure CPU unit and the capability of full cable management.
All desks in the range have a key/lock system with the facility of a turn handle to allow pupils to open and shut the desk without the keys.
The Saturn PC desk can take up to a 19 inch monitor screen whist the laptop option can take a laptop 17 inches wide.
Both IT desk options are available in single or double desk modules and both designs can have either C-frame or panel end leg frames.
All of our Saturn IT desks can be manufactured to your bespoke specification offering ultimate flexibility with design.

Mercury IT Desk
The Mercury range is a flexible cost effective IT desk system offering both PC and laptop versions in the range.
Both desks use the sliding top system to access the IT equipment, all sliding tops are mounted on ball bearing runners capable of taking a weight load of 40kg.
The PC version has a unique pop up monitor arm, when activated it allows the monitor to glide up into the operating position and will push down to be stored away.
All PC versions have a CPU unit built into the desk as standard, this can be secured using the optional locking door. All sliding tops are secured with a lock/key access with the facility of a turn handle to allow pupils to open and close the top with out using keys.
When shut the Mercury desk will give a seamless top allowing the desk to be used without any gaps or cracks.
The Mercury PC desk can take up to a 21 inch screen as standard, larger monitors can be fitted upon request. The Mercury laptop desk can take any size laptop on the market today.
The Mercury IT desk system is only available in single desk format. All of the IT desks can be manufactured to special sizes to suit the classroom.

IT Bench System

A flexible, cost effective, high quality IT bench system made to fit into any area which can offer everything you need to make your ICT suite/office efficient and environmentally friendly for your pupils/staff.

The IT bench system is available with or without cable management, it also has the facility for cable trunking to be fixed in a deep cable tray during the manufacturing stage, allowing all cables to be out of site. Flip up PC or laptop modules can be fitted to the system to give the bench system a dual role and total security.
The IT bench system is made to the size of the room; free site surveys are available to help plan and specify the right system for your application.
IT islands are available for the busy ICT suite, with the choice of mix and matching colours. All islands are built with cable management trays.