Restaurant Furniture

We have a great collection of Italian designed tables, chairs and soft seating that are suitable for contemporary cafe environments, bistro areas and hospitality spaces.
So if you want to create a cool and aesthetically pleasing environment, then we do have a wide collection of chairs and tables that are innovative, colourful and funky.
All of our ranges are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for frequent and heavy use areas.
With bacterial presence being high in public spaces, we do also have a collection of chairs and tables that use the most upto date technology which allows polymers, without the use of solvents, to be moulded so that the surface can be impregnated with Silver ions.
Silver is antibacterial and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Silver ions are 99.99% effective in destroying surface bacteria. "Polygiene" is a patented, tested, hypoallergenic, non toxic system.
So please contact us to discuss the requirements for your restaurant area.